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Dreamy Love

Dreamy Love


Pink Chunky glitter mix with added stars and hearts.


Processing time for Glitter is 3-5 business days.


All glitters are made of non-toxic Polyester and are bagged by 2 oz.


Starbucks Tumbler was made using Dreamy Love by Tina. You can find her on Instagram @ Lady_Es_Emporium




Photos are taken in a lightbox and edited to show the best possible image of the color in person. Due to the multiple variations of screens, monitors, and lighting sources, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen accurately portrays the product's true color.

It is the customer's responsibility to use the product correctly once in their hands. Although we work hard to prevent it, We cannot guarantee 100% cross-contamination-free glitter.


Buyers would have to conduct their own tests to determine whether the glitter bleeds or what is best for them to use to seal.


Refunds and exchanges will NOT be processed because of misuse by the buyer.

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